Change lives from your living room.

We help you set up, market and run your own childcare business that you do flexibly and from home. Join a community of dynamic, creative individuals with the drive and energy to help children succeed.

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A meaningful and rewarding career that fits alongside family life.

What you get when you start a tiney home nursery

World-class training, for free.

We pay for the majority of your set-up costs, and give you world-class childcare and business training. We save you hundreds of pounds you would have to spend yourself.

A great income.

When you join tiney it's realistic that you could be earning up to £150 per day within six months of setting up. If you pro rata this into a full-time salary, you’d be making over £35,000 a year. Not bad for a job you can do from home.

Access to a lifelong community.

Join a community of like-minded individuals passionate about changing children’s lives. You'll train together and they'll be your friends and support network.

tiney is looking for passionate individuals across London.

As part of our mission to find the next generation of childcare professionals, we’re looking for outstanding individuals across London who can complete our training and open tiney home nurseries in the next six months. If you think you’ve got what it takes then get in touch.

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Where are you in your journey?

I don't have childcare work experience but am brilliant with kids and would love to run my own home business

A few of the ways tiney will help you include:

  • Inspirational training on child development and the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum.

  • Key startup costs covered by tiney.

  • Fully supported pathway to take you from Ofsted registration to establishing your setting, filling places and starting to earn.

What you’ll need:

  • More than anything you’ll have drive, enthusiasm and be brilliant with young children.

  • Your home setting will need to meet our quality and safety standards during our home visit.

  • You’ll agree to use the tiney app and understand that tiney will charge new customers we find for you a small ongoing service fee to cover the great benefits you’ll receive (such as insurance, sick cover, CPD and more). This will never impact your earnings and is charged directly to families.

Be part of the future of childcare.

Brett's Story

Our CEO Brett formed tiney after 15 years leading Teach First, a charity that has worked with over a million children. He realised more support was needed for children from an even earlier age. He created tiney to help make that difference.

The first years of a child’s life are the moment you can have the greatest impact on them. As a tiney home nursery owner you’ll not only be starting a fantastic home business that can support your family, but joining a growing community that is working to unlock the potential of every child.

- Brett Wigdortz OBE, Co-founder & CEO

How does tiney help me?

We’ll teach you how to market and fill your places, and give you long term support and digital tools to succeed. To make tiney work financially we charge a small percentage of childcare fees to cover the costs of our support, insurances and digital services. This is billed directly to parents and won’t ever affect the income you receive.

  • We pay for your training and registration fees

  • No previous childcare training necessary

  • All insurance fees covered

  • Policies, contracts and payments all taken care of

  • Marketing training and business coaching support

  • Earn on your terms and set your own schedule

You bring a passion for working with children. We supercharge your new business.

Why is tiney a great option for you?

More time with your own young children.

As well as working with your customers’ children, you won’t miss out on time with your own. Your work will enhance and enrich their learning and development. You’ll also save thousands on their childcare.

Do work that matters.

Help families get convenient, easy access to great local childcare. Make a direct impact on improving children's lives. You’re starting a meaningful and rewarding career that fits neatly with family life.

A work schedule that works for you.

Set your own hours and create your own ideal work environment. If you want to work four days a week or only in term-time, then that’s completely up to you. Finally, a job where you're in control.

What are others saying about tiney?

I am really excited about the difference tiney is making. As well as improving access to great childcare for parents, tiney’s model also offers families a chance to start a business that actually balances work with family time, which makes it truly unique.

Justine Roberts

Founder, mumsnet

tiney is addressing all the problems that have turned people away from childminding in recent years. As well as helping independent business owners be better supported, their high quality bar and continuous vetting process is improving standards.

Sarah Read

Head of Early Years, Action for Children


Is this too good to be true?

No! Our CEO Brett previously ran an educational charity called Teach First, that worked with over a million children at secondary and primary school level. Over time, he realised more needed to be done for younger children, which is why he started tiney.

We want to support fantastic new people into the industry so we can help give more children amazing home-based care. To lower the risk for you, we cover the majority of the costs for you to set-up and get started.

So how do you make money?

We sustain our business by adding a percentage of costs (up to 10%) to each family’s bill.

Am I eligible to join tiney?

We're looking for individuals who are driven, ready to learn and, crucially, great with kids. It's not about specific experiences or a fancy CV, but more about who you are and what you stand for. The main thing is you’re ready to get stuck in and develop the skills to be successful.

If I don't own my house, can I join tiney?

Yes, but you need to check with your landlord that you have permission to run a business from the property you’re renting.

Can I run a business if I have a flat?

As long as you have permission to run a business from your home, the fact that it’s a flat won’t make a difference. You don’t need a garden, but if you don’t have one you do need to be within easy distance of a park so that children can spend time outdoors each day.

How long will the whole process take?

The training and registration process is likely to take about eight weeks. The precise speed of this process depends on how long DBS (criminal record) and Local Authority checks take. Going through this process with tiney is significantly faster than opening a home childcare business independently.

Can I join tiney while working another job?

Absolutely - we don’t want to leave you in a situation where you have to stop earning. Apart from a five-day in-person training, which occurs shortly before you open your tiney home nursery, the rest of the joining process will be flexible to fit around a full time job. During the five-day training, we’ll provide free childcare.

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