Uniquely Precious tiney home nursery

Uniquely Precious tiney Home Nursery is located in a quiet area of Haywards Heath with off road parking and is close to the train station. We enjoy lots of outdoor learning with local parks nearby. I also do school drop off and pick up from Bolnore Village Pre School and Primary School.

from £6.50 per hour

Train Station: Haywards Heath (0.8 miles), Bus stop: Nightingale Centre (0.5 miles), The Broadway (0.6 miles)

House・Quiet road・Outdoor space・Sleeping area・Multiple activity areas・Dedicated nappy-changing area・Near public transport・Easy parking

Jane Murchie

Jane Murchie

Haywards Heath (Beechurst/Bolnore Village)

    from £6.50 per hour

    spaces available

Hours of Business

08:00 to 18:00

Ages catered for

0 - 5+ years


Open all year

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About my home

Welcome to Uniquely Precious, a Tiney home from home nursery. Close to local parks, libraries, toddler groups and the town centre. We go on trips further afield to Wakehurst and Nymans Gardens. Core hours are 08:00 - 18:00. There is flexibility with additional hours and overnight care. I look forward to welcoming you and your little people into my home.

Unique highlights

Very Experienced Practitioner

I have been working with children in the early years for 30 plus years and have a passion for looking after little people alongside their parent/carer. I have experience in many different settings, cultures and countries, including volunteering as a baby caregiver at a babies home in Uganda several times.

Books and Language

I have a love of reading and developing little people's language development using books, storyboards and puppets. To enhance this experience I incorporate baby sign language and songs.

Partnering with Families

I have learned, through many years of working with early years, that children thrive even more when their families are involved in their ongoing development and have input in open communication with their caregiver. Through partnering with families we can work together as a team to support your little person's all round development during their formative years.

Overnight Care

Uniquely Precious can offer overnight care. I have many years of experience having worked in private homes as a maternity practitioner, night nanny, proxy parent and I have done night shifts on a neonatal unit and children's ward. I have worked with parents to get their little one into a routine of self settling to sleep.

Life at a tiney home nursery

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tiney book club

Sharing books is at the heart of all tiney home nurseries – it’s fantastic for children’s imaginations, for building vocabulary, for speaking and listening, for personal, social and emotional development, and so much more. Through our partnerships with Walker Books and the National Literacy Trust, our childminders run creative activities around a wonderfully diverse range of books.

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Uniquely Precious is located very close to Ashenground Woods and Bolnore Village.

We also enjoy going to Victoria Park, the library and to toddler groups.

Your child's neighbourhood

Beechurst play area / Victoria Park

Ashenground Woods


What are others saying about Uniquely Precious tiney home nursery?


Jane came to be Nanny to our then 3 year old boy (J) in March 2020. (During Lockdown one)   From day one I knew we had found a great Nanny in Jane, she was always on time with a cheery hello, and was very good with J. Jane supported us with potty training which he is now great at thanks to her help. J has a great love of anything vehicle related and Jane took this into any planning of activities to encourage J to take part in. They would go on daily walks to explore different local areas which involved jumping in puddles, naming colours of cars and making patterns using pine cones along the walks.   J goes to Uniquely Precious for after school and holiday care. Jane regularly continues to be Nanny and babysitter to J (now aged 4) and has become a good family friend.

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Parent at

Uniquely Precious

tiney home nursery


Jane came as Nanny to our then two boys aged 2yr (P) and 5m (D) in September 2010.   Jane is highly organised, and an excellent time keeper. She quickly established routine with the boys. They attended several toddler groups and regularly went to the playground and for walks.  She drove P to pre-school and was never late in dropping off or picking up.   Jane was a great help with weaning D onto solid foods. P was potty-training when she first came and her experience in this area was very helpful and reassuring to me.   Jane is very efficient and was not phased by anything. P was still adjusting to having a new brother and tested his boundaries frequently with Jane, but her gentle strength gradually won him around. While handling P adeptly in somewhat difficult circumstances she created the conditions for D to really flourish in her care and she nourished their developing relationship, and I would credit her largely with the wonderful brotherly love that the boys now have for each other.   My Husband and I asked Jane to be Godmother to D which she accepted with a very loving heart.   Since Jane left us as Nanny she has been an integral part of our family with showing interest in where P (now 13) D (now aged 11) and their two younger brothers are in their interests and development. The boys are always delighted to see her, and she has become a firm friend to them.

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Parent at

Uniquely Precious

tiney home nursery

Typical features of a tiney home

A home-from-home environment

Small ratios and strong, loving relationships

Regular book club and community events

Humour, fun, songs and stories

Child-led playful learning

Sensitive support for children's emotional development and a focus on building resilience

A highly personalised approach for each child

Daily outdoor learning and home-cooked meals to keep children fit and healthy

Increased flexibility such as term-time only options

A learning environment set up to give children choice and build their independence

Rich conversation and exploration, which builds children's confidence and creativity

Irresistible learning opportunities that develop a deep love of learning

What makes tiney homes unique?

All home leaders go through a rigorous selection process. We accept less than 15% of applicants.

They get world-class training from education and safeguarding experts.

We visit their home nursery and vet them to standards above and beyond Ofsted.

We work together to deliver a great ongoing tiney home nursery experience.

We’re the UK’s fastest growing and most trusted childcare community

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