Sarah-Jane McLean's tiney home nursery

A relaxed and calm home from home nursery. A lovely playroom and garden to explore and learn.

Located in Dartford, 10 minute walk from the station and other great transport links. There are parks, playgroups and a children’s centre in walking distance.

Outdoor activities and trips.

My fees are inclusive of home cooked meals and healthy snacks.

I can provide school pick ups and wrap around care.

from £8 per hour

10 minute walk to Dartford station. Local bus links.

House・Playroom・Sleeping area・Quiet road・Secure shaded area・Multiple activity areas・Meals provided・Dedicated nappy-changing area・Easy parking・Near public transport・Pushchair storage・Outdoor space

Sarah-Jane McLean

Sarah-Jane McLean


    from £8 per hour

    spaces available

Hours of Business

07:00 to 18:00

Ages catered for

0 - 5+ years


Open all year

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About my home

My Tiney home nursery is inclusive and welcoming to all families. I have a wonderful playroom and garden space for the children to explore and learn. I will provide home cooked meals and healthy snacks.

I have 15 years childcare experience, from Teaching Assistant, manager of wrap around care and nannying for 11 years. I also have my own son Lenny who is 2 1/2 and has been nannying with me from 3 months old.

Unique highlights

Teaching Assistant

I was Reception Teaching Assistant, I can prepare the children for school and assistant children that already attend.


I have been a nanny for 11 years, caring for multiple children of various ages from birth upwards.

Good cook

Lovely healthy home cooked meals provided.

Lovely location.

Lots of open space and parks to enjoy. Walking distance to the river to feed the ducks, and next to the station for some train spotting or rides.

Training and Qualifications

NVQ Level 3 in childcare, Paediatric First Aid, food safety and Safeguarding.

Building Relationships

I love to build great relationships with the children in my care. Children will learn and develop in a safe and happy environment.

Life at a tiney home nursery

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Sharing books is at the heart of all tiney home nurseries – it’s fantastic for children’s imaginations, for building vocabulary, for speaking and listening, for personal, social and emotional development, and so much more. Through our partnerships with Walker Books and the National Literacy Trust, our childminders run creative activities around a wonderfully diverse range of books.

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Your child's neighbourhood

Sure start center

Dartford Park

Dartford Library and Museum

What are others saying about Sarah-Jane McLean's tiney home nursery?

Helen Bex-Vigoureux

Reference for Sarah-Jane McLean June 2019 Sarah-Jane has been our Nanny to our (now three) children since January 2012. She has remained our nanny until the present date with the exception of two brief pauses, one from November 2013- April 2014 during my second period of maternity leave and the second during her own maternity leave October 2018-January 2019. Our children, now aged 8, 5 and 16 months, have grown up in her care and I cannot recommend her highly enough. Sarah-Jane joined us when our eldest child was 8 months old and my maternity leave was ending. From the outset, Sarah-Jane impressed us immensely with her work ethic, punctuality and dedication to the well-being of our eldest child. One of the earliest things I remember is her considered and creative approach in helping to ween my daughter so that I could successfully return to work. She adopted baby-led weaning and made a good variety of meals from scratch with fresh ingredients. This approach was successfully repeated with all three children who I am pleased to say are very good-non-fussy eaters as a result! Sarah-Jane has always developed a wide range of creative activities for the children at home and has always been very happy to take them out on day-trips and along to other events. In addition, she has always made sure they were up to date with dental check-ups and has taken them to other medical appointments as required. Sarah-Jane has has helped both of my daughters (now aged 5 & 8) learn to read and develop numeracy skills in the build up to them attending reception and continues to assist them with homework after school ends. One of Sarah-Jane’s greatest strengths has been her ability to have a fair approach to discipline whilst maintaining a very happy and relaxed environment within our household for the children. The children are well mannered and polite and I can honestly say this is very much due to her influence. On a more practical note, her organisational, multi-tasking skills are excellent, and she has always been able to ensure that all the children’s washing and other related jobs are complete around the core childcare activities. We very much regret that we will be losing Sarah-Jane but as our youngest begins at Nursery and due to changes in my work schedule, we have now reached the inevitable juncture where we no longer require a full-time Nanny. However, I have every confidence that Sarah-Jane would be an enormous asset to any family and we will miss her immensely. I am more than happy to provide further information as required.

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Parent at

Sarah-Jane McLean

tiney home nursery

Adam Bradley

For the past year and a bit our Ofsted registered nanny Sarah-Jane and her lovely two-year old son Lenny have been an invaluable part of our family. Sarah-Jane has looked after our son full time since he was ten months old and it is entirely to her credit that he is a polite, eloquent, curious nearly-two year old now. Our son and Lenny are fast friends and Lenny has been a great role model and fantastic company for Kit during the numerous lockdowns. We cannot recommend Sarah-Jane highly enough and are utterly devastated to be losing her and Lenny. Sarah-Jane has been a nanny for 11yrs and so she is very competent with children from newborns (our second was born in December) to toddlers to older children (she helped look after my niece and nephew too during lockdown). Sarah-Jane is also incredibly flexible and reliable - we have moved five times in the last year and Sarah-Jane has followed us around with endless good humour and unfailing punctuality. Sarah-Jane is also extremely organised and tidy - she keeps the house immaculate and helps us to run our busy lives. Most importantly though Sarah-Jane is really loving and fun - our son loves her dearly and she has managed to make endless months of lockdown fun, varied and educational. Do get in touch if you have any questions at all as we’d be happy to talk. Signed: Adam Bradley Phoebe Bradley Contact:

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Parent at

Sarah-Jane McLean

tiney home nursery

Typical features of a tiney home

A home-from-home environment

Small ratios and strong, loving relationships

Regular book club and community events

Humour, fun, songs and stories

Child-led playful learning

Sensitive support for children's emotional development and a focus on building resilience

A highly personalised approach for each child

Daily outdoor learning and home-cooked meals to keep children fit and healthy

Increased flexibility such as term-time only options

A learning environment set up to give children choice and build their independence

Rich conversation and exploration, which builds children's confidence and creativity

Irresistible learning opportunities that develop a deep love of learning

What makes tiney homes unique?

All home leaders go through a rigorous selection process. We accept less than 15% of applicants.

They get world-class training from education and safeguarding experts.

We visit their home nursery and vet them to standards above and beyond Ofsted.

We work together to deliver a great ongoing tiney home nursery experience.

We’re the UK’s fastest growing and most trusted childcare community

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