Lisa Holmes

Lisa Holmes, Head of Customer Success

11 May 2023

It’s always tough making big life decisions - whether it’s reservations from loved ones, a challenging economic backdrop or a lack of confidence holding you back, deciding to open a tiney home is a big move. But we promise it’s a great one! OK, so we would say that, but we’ve got some pretty good evidence too - promise...

1. Opening around the September term sweet spot is a great time for new childminders

Childminders are highly sought after year-round, and we've found that they typically have no trouble filling up regardless of when they open. However, there is one time of year that stands out as the best for finding new families and getting started: the new September term. In previous years, childminders who register between April and August have found families the quickest and achieved a successful start to their businesses as parents organise their childcare ahead of the school term.

The graph below illustrates that the June-September period is the peak time for new enrolments and contract requests, making it an ideal time to start a new childminding business. published

If you aim to open in time for September and complete your training by then, please chat with your tiney advisor, and we'll make sure you receive the necessary support to help you achieve your goals.

2. Get in the queue for your £1200 grant and save on your startup costs

On March 15th, 2023, the Chancellor announced the introduction of startup grants for new childminders as part of the Spring Budget announcement. Those who register with a childminder agency, such as tiney, will receive a grant of £1,200 - £600 more than the grant awarded to those who register directly with Ofsted. This increase in grant amount reflects the additional work and services provided by a CMA to their childminders, and highlights the growth of CMAs as the only part of the Early Years sector that has expanded in recent years.

The payout of these grants is expected to begin in Autumn of this year and will be backdated to March 15th, 2023. This means that any new childminders who successfully register with tiney after the Spring Budget announcement will be entitled to the grant. This announcement represents a significant boost to tiney trainees, as it covers typical costs such as the tiney joining fee, home setup costs, and fees for third-party checks in retrospect, once the registration process is successfully completed. We'd encourage everyone who's serious about childminding to get in the queue for this grant and get going now!

3. Our training is built to be done when kids are around

It may feel like you don't have an hour to yourself. But our training has been created with busy parents in mind. It's flexible enough to do while working and with kids at home. It's on a mobile app and versatile enough to fit in around your routine. Only have 30 minutes spare a night? 20 minutes in the morning and a lunch break? Weekends work better? That’s up to you. Whatever pathway you choose we're confident you'll find tiney the fastest and easiest way to get up and running.

4. Childminders are needed more than ever

Childminders are a crucial part of the Early Years sector, providing a safe and flexible childcare solution for parents, in homely environments that have been shown to also be great for kids. Of course, there are many childcare options, but right now good childminders are finding themselves in higher demand than ever. At tiney, our goal is that all childminders should be treated and paid like the professionals they are. We're elevating the profession of childminding - ensuring parents get amazing high-quality care, and that you can build a long term sustainable business. In the current climate, with demand for high quality childcare higher than ever, there's never been a better time to set your sights on opening a professional setting.

5. Childminding works everywhere

Childminding is a business model that can work anywhere and everywhere. We have successful tiney homes being run from smaller inner-city flats, as well as more outdoors focused homes being run from larger properties in rural and semi-rural locations. Plus, tiney homes work in all types of economic areas; we have childminder's filling up fast in lower income areas around the Midlands and North of England, as well as many thriving in all parts of London.

6. Small group settings have become more popular post Covid than larger nursery chains

The early years sector adapted brilliantly to the pandemic, rapidly changing their ways of working to support families as much as possible. On the other side of things, we've seen that tiney homes are now more desirable than ever - they are effectively natural bubbles, meaning that children mingle with a small group of peers, while getting all the fun, stability and stimulation they need. This means that unlike a nursery worker as a childminder your exposure to coughs and colds is limited to a smaller number of kids, plus for families, the likelihood of their child getting poorly (or a setting being under staffed due to illness) is minimised in a smaller home.

7. We’re one of the fastest growing companies in Europe

And one bonus - thanks to our incredible community of childminders and a very dedicated tiney team, lots of people are saying very nice things about us. We pride ourselves on being a values-driven business and treating our tiney homes as part of the family. We’re in this together and are dedicated to helping you make your business a success.

Watch Nikki's story

Nikki Walsh always loved working with children, but she didn't love everything about working in nurseries. After becoming a mum herself and pondering how she would balance motherhood and her career, she started making plans to launch her own childcare setting. Since she registered with us several years ago, she hasn't looked back, and now runs a warm, vibrant tiney home full of fun and creativity. We popped round with a camera crew so she could tell us all about it...

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Lisa Holmes

Head of Customer Success

Lisa built up relationships with thousands of childminders across the country during her 13 years at Morton Michel, the UK’s leading childcare insurance specialists. She is hugely passionate about home-based care and childminding and is incredibly excited about the impact tiney can make. As a mum of two little boys she can usually be found covered in mud or perfecting her track building skills in sunny Sussex.

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