£1200 grant available on selected pathways!

Learn more

Find the right pathway for you

Whether you're new to childminding, an experienced educator or switching from Ofsted, there’s a pathway for you.

£1200 grant available! Learn more

Accelerated pathway

For those with up-to-date Early Years experience


Joining fee

plus % based membership fee once registered

£1200 grant available! Learn more

Full pathway

tiney’s most popular full training & registration journey


Joining fee

plus % based membership fee once registered

Switching pathway

For existing childminders


Joining fee

plus % based membership fee once registered

£1200 grant available! Learn more

Wraparound pathway

For those only wanting to care for school-aged children


Joining fee

plus % based membership fee once registered

*Time taken depends on how quickly you complete your training, and how quickly third party paperwork such as DBS and Local Authority checks are processed.

We succeed when you succeed:

At tiney your membership fee is calculated through a revenue-sharing model, meaning we charge a small fixed percentage fee on your childcare income which decreases over time.

Our revenue sharing model

Every childminder gets a great deal

Earn more with tiney

Our childminders earn 17% more on average than those with Ofsted - even after the tiney fee.

Pay less over time

Our lifetime model rewards loyalty - meaning your fee reduces as your earnings grow.

Shared goals = true partnership

We only earn when you do, meaning your income goals are aligned with ours.

New childminders

Full, accelerated & wraparound pathway


on the first £50k of earnings*


on all earnings above £50k

Existing childminders

Switching pathway only


on all earnings, excluding grace period detailed below

*Thresholds are calculated based on your lifetime total tiney fee-paying childcare income. Certain childcare income (such as Funded Placements) may not qualify for the tiney fee, and therefore do not count towards your earnings threshold

All pathways include:

    Childminder registration & QA

    Get registered with an Ofsted-registered CMA and receive an annual QA visit from one of our experienced, friendly inspectors.

    Full tiney app access

    Get access to the entire suite of tiney tools, giving you everything you need to run a successful childminding business.

    Full tiney community access

    Join webinars, receive professional coaching, unlock amazing CPD, hear from experts and make friends!

    Secure digital wallet & easy payments

    Master your finances with digital contracts and secure payments, all within an FCA regulated mobile wallet.

    Professional support from experts

    Receive education, safeguarding and financial support from our in-house team of experts, whenever you need it.

    Business rewards & benefits

    Save hundreds with inclusive insurance, education discounts, tax services and more.

Families get more with tiney

A standout customer experience & benefits

Every family at tiney gets access to the tiney app, with fee paying parents also getting enhanced benefits.

The tiney for parents app

All families benefit from our 5 star app; with at home learning tips, parent webinars, education tracking, in-app messaging and more.

Painless childcare payments

The tiney app supports Tax-Free Childcare, 15/30 free hours, and all other major childcare payment schemes.

Online GP & more

Instant access to an Online GP service, plus other great benefits, for the duration of any childcare contract.

A one-off joining fee for families

Just like many nurseries and some childminders, tiney charges a one-off joining fee in certain situations


one-off joining fee to families for certain contract types


Whatever pathway you pick, we make sure your journey with tiney is highly supported and easy to follow.


Introductory call with a friendly adviser

Chat with one of our expert team to make sure that childminding, and tiney, is the right fit for you. Any questions you may have can be covered off at this stage.


Confirm eligibility and pay your joining fee

Complete two short questionnaires so we can confirm your eligibility, then pay your joining fee to get started. For the rest of your journey you’ll have a dedicated onboarding advisor to help you on your way.


Start your training and connect with the community

Use the tiney app or website to work through the necessary training modules for your chosen pathway and connect with the wider tiney community. tiney training is fun and engaging - with lots of video content and interesting webinars to build your knowledge.


Submit your checks and paperwork

tiney streamlines all the checks you need to register as a childminder. Once you join training, and dependent on your pathway, you’ll use the tiney app to submit important info, including DBS checks, Health declarations and Local Authority checks. We’ll do the rest.


Pass your theory call and home visit

As you move toward registration you’ll need to pass a video theory call and in-person home visit. We’ll test your knowledge, give you feedback where it’s needed and guide you through setting up your home.


Register and launch your business

Once you’ve passed your home visit, the real fun begins. You’ll put in place everything you’ve learned during training including how to market your setting, find families and get started with your first childcare placements!


Am I eligible to receive the £1200 government grant?

Am I eligible to become a childminder?

Are there any specific requirements or experience I need to join tiney?

How big does my home need to be?

Can I run a tiney home from rented property?

What is included in the joining fee and are there other costs?

Why does tiney operate a revenue sharing model?

What if I already have young children under 5, can I still look after other children?

I don't drive, is this a problem?

If I register with tiney can I still accept funded placements?

Can I be a childminder if I have pets at home?

Can I be a childminder if I smoke or vape?

Can I take holidays as a childminder?


Find out about tiney and book a call today.

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