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tiney makes settling in with your new tiney home nursery super simple

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Once you’re part of the tiney community we’ll make the rest of your childcare journey an exceptional experience

Happy childcare providers that parents love and trust

tiney home nursery providers are hand-picked by us and required to pass our in-depth quality assurance process; guaranteeing parents the highest standards across quality of setting, education & school readiness, child wellness, parent satisfaction and more. Once a provider joins tiney we constantly work with them to ensure they are well-supported, highly satisfied and happy. We know that happy providers means happy children and parents.

Exceptional home nurseries

tiney home nurseries must pass our in-depth quality assurance process.

Quality, Safe Environments

All environments are evaluated for cleanliness, safety & more.

Comprehensive Insurance

All providers are covered by tiney's comprehensive insurance.

Simple & Easy Pricing & Contracts

No complex rate cards and no hidden extras.

tiney Childcare Community

tiney children will be part of strong local childcare communities and activities.

Engaging Early Years Education

All tiney providers are exceptional play-based EYFS educators.

Complete peace of mind in your pocket

Once you’ve been matched with a tiney home nursery, you’ll get access to our beautiful mobile app - keeping you in the loop with your child’s care 24/7. We streamline payments, daily communication, educational progress and much more to make everyday happy!

  • Secure & GDPR compliant

  • Regular photos, videos & messages

  • Easy payments & statements

  • Instant chat with your childcare provider

  • Help and support from the tiney team

Meet our providers

Tiney is currently adding providers across the UK. You can see some of our most recently joined providers below.

Ros Pattwell

South Merton, London

3 years experience

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Anna Wassef

Morden, Greater London

9 years experience

See profile

Zi Kittoe

Croydon, Greater London

2 years experience

See profile


How does tiney work?

tiney provides parents with exceptional home-based childcare coupled with a fantastic and modern ongoing experience through our app. Get started by sharing your childcare requirements with us and we’ll use our matching process to find a tiney home nursery that’s local to you and a perfect fit for you and your children. From there, if you’re happy you can get started easily using our app to buy your childcare, message with your provider, track your child’s daily progress and much more.

How is a tiney home nursery different from a traditional childminder?

tiney home nurseries are a new form of childcare that combines the best of high quality nurseries with the personalised, safe and convenient, family-type care that so many parents are looking for.

All tiney home nurseries are quality assured and vetted in-person by our team. Our 50-point quality assurance check guarantees parents confidence across areas such as quality of environment, education provision, school readiness and parent satisfaction.

In addition, tiney home nursery owners and parents both benefit from a host of over the top benefits and quality improvements you won’t get with a traditional childminder. These include comprehensive over the top insurances, formalised sick cover and emergency childcare arrangements, easy communication, an easy mobile app experience for payments and educational progress tracking. All your child’s progress and development information will be stored securely by tiney, will never be shared with third party advertisers and can be downloaded by you at any time.

tiney home nurseries also benefit from early years practitioner support, business support and regular best practice advice, plus active participation in a local tiney community of other providers helping your children make other local friends.

What does tiney charge for childcare?

tiney’s rates for childcare vary by provider and region. When we set our rates we work with your tiney home nursery owner to ensure that they can run a healthy business whilst ensuring the care is priced competitively when compared with other local providers, local nurseries and national benchmarking data published by organisations such as the Family and Childcare Trust. Our goal is to offer parents value and affordability, whilst ensuring your providers can earn a good living wage.

Are tiney home nursery providers employed directly?

No. tiney home nursery owners are all self-employed and run independent businesses. We believe this offers the best combination of support and quality assurance from tiney, and autonomy for the childcarer. At tiney we make our money by agreeing a small ongoing service charge with our providers which is already reflected in the rate you see. This covers all the over the top benefits we provide, including our parent friendly mobile app, insurances, and support for the tiney home nursery.

Is tiney secure and safe?

Absolutely. We take safeguarding and security very seriously; from how we work and background check providers all the way through to how we engineer our website and mobile products and handle your data. As parents ourselves, it is our ongoing focus to ensure tiney home nurseries are the absolute best environments for your little ones.

tiney has the highest of respect for your privacy and the security of your data. We will never share your data with third party advertisers. Any content you have shared through tiney will always remain yours, and we will always respect your rights should you decide to leave tiney. You can read more in our privacy policy.

What unique benefits does a home setting offer?

In recent years many reports and research underline our belief that home-based Early Years education is an exceptional choice for parents of small children. Amongst these benefits those which typically matter most to parents are choosing a family-style setting where the well trained carers can support the children in guided play and peer learning. There is evidence that children who are cared for in small, home-style settings make above average development in early language development and reading. Which makes sense, as these sort of loving and small family-style environments are how children have learned and developed their communication skills for thousands of years.

In addition, there is the added ease and convenience for parents. Often tiney home nurseries will be placed in more convenient locations for parents, closer to home or work. Some are able to do school pick up and drop offs for siblings as well.

Where is tiney currently available?

tiney home nurseries are currently launching across London, parts of the South West and Midlands. However, we are rapidly growing across the UK. To find out when we’ll be live in your area, sign up today.

Can families use their funded hours and other schemes with tiney?

Yes, tiney enables the use of both your 15/30 free funded hours and eligible Tax-Free schemes to pay for your tiney childcare.

tiney is on a mission to unlock the potential of every child.

For parents, this means easy access to an exceptional, affordable, childcare community that’s built around busy modern lives. For children, this means thoughtful play-based learning within the highly regarded EYFS framework in high quality safe settings. For providers, this means allowing them to focus on the children in their care, relieving the burden of running a small business and ensuring maximum job satisfaction.

tiney is a pre-registered B-Corp based in the UK.

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