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High quality early years education is just round the corner with the UK’s largest and fastest growing childminder agency.

“It is like a ‘home away from home’ for my son.” - Gabriella

    Approved & Quality assured

    As an Ofsted approved childminder agency all tiney childminders go through rigorous training & receive regular inspections.

    Education focused & fun

    tiney childminders focus on learning through play every day, building strong loving relationships in homely settings.

    Affordable, Safe & convenient

    tiney childminders cater for the unique needs of different families offering childcare flexibility in quality assured, safe homes.

Become a tiney childminder

Whether you’re completely new to the industry, or an experienced educator, we’ve got a pathway that’s right for you.

£1200 bonus for new childminders

The Government has announced a new £1200 grant, available to newly registered tiney childminders.

tiney receives Ofsted's highest grading of 'effective'

tiney is an Ofsted Registered Chidminder Agency enabling a new generation of modern childminders. Find out what Ofsted thought about tiney by reading the report.

Why choose a tiney childminder?

Research shows that a home from home environment, with low adult-child ratios, is the best place for your child's development. Our tiney homes are friendly, safe, affordable and fun. Each home offers a high quality early years education and the chance to build meaningful bonds, all powered by a world class app. It's childminding, but with a 21st century twist.

We're the UK's fastest growing, largest & most loved childminder agency

A community of professional educators with children at the centre

tiney exists to make transformative early years education accessible to every family. Find out more by watching our mission video.

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What is a childminder agency?

tiney is regulated by Ofsted, meaning we are licensed to train, support and quality assure our tiney childminders (you can read our recent glowing Ofsted report here!). Our childminders are self-employed, but we work with them to set up and run amazing, sustainable, successful businesses.

As self-employed professionals, our childminders are in charge of their business decisions, such as agreeing contracts with families, but tiney are there to support and regulate their work, and can mediate when needed. This means both childminders and the families they work with have peace of mind.

We’re also proud to champion childminding and help our members develop and grow! tiney provide heaps of ongoing professional development, and ensure all our childminders are part of an incredibly supportive and fun community of fellow early years professionals.

Take a look inside some of our tiney homes

All kinds of teachers, professionals and caregivers have started new careers with tiney to build a diverse community of hundreds of nurturing homes.


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Do something BIG, work with small children at tiney

Seen the Government's new campaign? Get your new Early Years career off to a flying start with tiney.

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Business with a deep rooted social purpose

As part of our commitment to social impact we have pledged to play our part in meeting the 2030 Global Goals initiative around Quality Education set by World Leaders. We are also proud to be part of the Meaningful Business Network. Learn more.

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