Meet tiney, the childcare app that families love

All families using a tiney childminder benefit from our brilliant app; with at home learning tips, education tracking, in-app messaging and more.

tiney takes the headaches out of childcare. Ensuring your whole family has a brilliant experience, every day

tiney was built to make managing your childcare, and working with your childminder, easier. We streamline all your childcare admin and payments, whilst giving you helpful education tracking, fun at home education tips and exclusive benefits!

Feel connected to your child’s day

Get daily updates, photos and videos with the Journal.

Make childcare payments painless

tiney supports Tax-Free Childcare, 15/30 free hours, and all other major childcare payment schemes

Stay notified when your child signs in and out

Get peace of mind with real-time notifications and a full history of when your child attends their setting.

Get access to an Online GP plus other amazing benefits

Receive instant access to an Online GP service, plus other great benefits, for the duration of your childcare contract

Easy daily communications

All your messages. notices and photos in one secure place, with Inbox.

Bring the fun back home with tiney tips

Promote play at home and be inspired by tiney tips, our collection of exciting EYFS-based activity ideas and regular webinars.

Enrol your child easily with simple digital onboarding

A seamless digital experience to begin your child’s childcare journey.

Avoid the need for too much paperwork

Benefit from marketing training, support with any marketing must-dos, plus your own beautiful website listing on

Keep essential safety information in one place

Each child has their own secure Child Record.