Referral bonus: How you can get £1000 if you help us find our new engineer

Beth Toms

Beth Toms, Head of People

10 March 2021

At tiney we don't want to always rely on our existing networks to find great talent. We are so proud of the team that we've built today and need your help to continue finding world class people, so that we can build a product that truly makes childcare better.

We currently have an incredible engineering team of six who've come from a variety of different backgrounds; we have a non graduate; someone who studied economics; a recent bootcamp graduate who worked in marketing; those who've only worked in startups; those from big companies. In order to build a strong team and a product that's for everyone, we need our team to reflect everyone in society.

As of today, we're launching an external engineering referral scheme! People who don't have a connection with tiney can now refer brilliant friends or colleagues and if we decide to hire them, we'll give you £1,000 to say thank you. It's as simple as that.

Our hope with this referral experiment is that it'll open up doors to people not in our close networks and will give you a reason to help us (not forgetting you will be positively impacting thousands of children's lives at the same time! 🙌 ) We'd like to open this up to all roles if our hypothesis is true!

When your referral submits their application, they just need to enter your name in the section titled “How did you hear about this role?” so that if they join our team, we can contact you to thank you — with £1,000.

Thank you for helping us unlock the potential of every child!

Here's our job specification for our engineering role.

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Beth Toms

Head of People

Beth spent the last three years building the digital bank Monzo. She worked hard to create an inclusive, honest and transparent culture whilst growing the team from 50 to over 1,600 in just three years. Beth began her career as a recruitment consultant in continuous improvement, then found tech startups and hasn't looked back since.