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08 December 2023

2023 has been a brilliant year of growth for our tiney childminding community, with much to celebrate! So as we head towards 2024, we wanted to take the opportunity to step back and look at our year in numbers.

tiney wouldn't exist without our amazing community of childminders and their families and a special thank you goes to everyone who has trained, registered or worked with us this year. As Ofsted Childminder numbers continue to tumble at an alarming rate, high quality childcare has never been more needed. We are very grateful to now be the most popular and largest Childminder Agency in the country and to have represented such a significant percentage of the new childminder market in the last 12 months. On childcare spaces alone, tiney is now one of the top 10 childcare groups in England, and (if childminders were represented) on this list of top UK nursery chains tiney would currently sit at position 7.

What matters most to us of course, is that these numbers aren't vanity metrics, but are the outcome of an incredible network of early educators working to secure better outcomes for children.

As tiney grows, the most important result will always be that behind the big numbers are individual stories of thousands of children receiving a brilliant early education, powered by the stories of nearly a thousand tiney childminders who themselves are part of a national movement of educators. tiney was founded on the idea that childminding is one of the most rewarding and powerful childcare models - enabling families to access high-quality home-based and family style education that's local to them, whilst also creating new work from home business opportunities for passionate educators. With tiney now operating in hundreds of local authorities across England, we're excited to see this mission continue to accelerate throughout 2024.

If you'd like to be a part of next years numbers, then you can find out how to become a childminder with us by booking a call, or find a place for your own child by looking for care in your area.

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The tiney team

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