Why now is a great time to start your childcare business

Richard Miranda

Richard Miranda, Growth Lead

20 January 2021

It's another week of lockdown. New family routines, homeschooling, worries about the health of loved ones. It's an unsettling time for all of us. It's hard to resist that urge to just put your head in the sand and wait for things to calm down.

As parents ourselves, we feel you! But it's in times of disruption that the biggest opportunities arise. And we're convinced that now is the perfect time to join tiney. Here are 5 reasons why.

1. It's a job and training built to be done when kids are around

It may feel like you don't have an hour to yourself. But our training has been created with busy parents in mind. It's flexible enough to do while working and with kids at home. It's on a mobile app and versatile enough to fit in around your routine. Only have 30 minutes spare a night? 20 minutes in the morning and a lunch break? Weekends work better? That’s up to you.

2. Children need you more than ever

Many nurseries are closing, and babysitters and nannies are filling the gap. That might be fine as a temporary solution, but in the long-term children need expert early years care if they're going to thrive - care that babysitters and nannies aren’t trained to provide. A record proportion of children lack basic skills as a result of COVID disruptions. This is widening the gap between the rich and poor. Our society needs mission-driven people who care about the future of our children to help us reverse that trend.

3. Get ahead of the rush when things go back to normal in spring

Lockdowns don't last forever. Schools will go back, work will resume and life will go on, just as it did after the first lockdown. When things go back to normal in spring, there will be a mad rush for childcare. Most of our tiney homes had an influx of enquiries off the back of the spring lockdown. If you start now, you'll be ready to open in time for the next childcare rush.

4. Small-group childcare limits COVID

There have been some high-profile closures of nurseries recently. Those that are staying in small bubbles with small groups are avoiding COVID’s rapid spread - exactly the sort of care tiney homes offer. Small group childcare is the future.

5. We were voted one of the best companies in Europe to work for

And one bonus - we were voted one of the best companies in Europe to work for. We pride ourselves on being a values-driven business and treating our tiney homes as part of the family. We’re in this together and are dedicated to helping you make your business a success.

Convinced? We hope so. Even if you’re not sure but you want to hear more, you can book a call with one of our Advisors by registering here. They’ll walk you through how tiney works and the next steps.

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