Join tiney & receive a £1200 grant to recover all your costs!

The 2023 Spring Budget introduced a £1200 Government grant for new childminders joining a Childminder Agency instead of direct Ofsted registration. This incentive, highlighting the enhanced package you get with an agency, covers all your training & setup costs.

How to use the £1200 grant

Once you begin working as a tiney childminder, you’ll be eligible to claim the grant. While there are some upfront training costs, this means you’ll be reimbursed for all of them once you start working.

Joining Fee

£300 for most pathways

Covers your access to essential training and support on your chosen pathway.

GP health check

£20 - £75 undefined

Variable based on your local GP’s pricing. Also available for £75 via tiney’s partner GP service.

Enhanced DBS Check(s)

£44 per check.

Required for you and every member of your household (over 16)..

Paediatric First Aid

£75 with tiney discount

Normally over £100 if you go direct

Home set up & marketing

£100 - £300 undefined

Each home will have different needs in this area. If you have little ones of your own, you might not need to spend very much at all! We recommended you set aside £100 for printing your personalised marketing materials & listings on sites like and

After essential costs are covered, new childminders should be left with at least £400 towards other costs!

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