Government grants for new childminders

Join tiney & receive a £1200 childminder start-up grant to recover all your costs!

What is the childminder grant?

The 2023 Spring Budget introduced a £1200 Childminder Grant for new childminders joining a Childminder Agency instead of choosing direct Ofsted registration. This incentive, highlighting the enhanced package you get with a childminder agency, can cover all your training & setup costs with tiney. The £1200 childminder start up grant offered by the Government is designed to help with the cost of setting up as a childminder and does not have to be paid back. Find out more about the childminder grant, and how to apply, below!

Who can apply for the childminder grant?

To apply for the £1200 childminder start up grant you will need to register with tiney as a new childminder after 15th March 2023, and before the end of March 2025 (closing date may be subject to change). To be eligible for the childminder startup grant and receive the full payout you must;

plan to work as a childminder in England

be a brand new childminder

if you registered with Ofsted or a CMA before 15th March 2023, or you’re currently registered, you’re unfortunately not eligible

register with tiney before the end of March 2025

have completed your full registration and passed our tiney onboarding before applying

start childminding with your first child within 6 months of passing your registration visit

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How long will it take to get the new childminder grant?

The £1200 childminder grant is paid in 2 payments. You’ll get £600 when you first register with tiney, and a second £600 when you start childminding your first child.

Getting registered can happen in as little as 4 weeks, but depends on your experience, pace through training and how long it takes for us to receive all your third party checks back. As soon as you’re registered we’ll help you apply for the childminder grant, then there will be a short period of time for the application to be processed and paid. You can claim your second payment when you start childminding your first child, which will need to be a maximum of 6 months from when you initially register. Again, once you have your first enrolment tiney will help you make your claim.

How to use the £1200 grant

Once you begin working as a tiney childminder, you’ll be eligible to claim the grant. While there are some upfront training costs, this means you’ll be reimbursed for all of them once you start working.

Joining Fee

£300 for most pathways

Covers your access to essential training and support on your chosen pathway.

GP health check

£20 - £75 undefined

Variable based on your local GP’s pricing. Also available for £75 via tiney’s partner GP service.

Enhanced DBS Checks

£44 per check

Required for you and every member of your household (over 16)

Paediatric First Aid

£80 with tiney discount

Normally over £100 if you go direct

Home set up & marketing

£100 - £300 undefined

Each home will have different needs in this area. If you have little ones of your own, you might not need to spend very much at all! We recommended you set aside £100 for printing your personalised marketing materials & listings on sites like and

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The grant

Childminders could be left with £400 towards other costs

Stay updated with the latest grant news on the gov UK site.

Common FAQs

How do I apply for the childminding start-up grant?

Provided you meet the eligibility criteria explained above you will be able to apply for the first instalment of the £1200 childminding grant when you successfully register with tiney. To apply, the Government has created an online portal. tiney will provide you with all the necessary information, links and your new childminder registration number to make your application through the portal and log your claim.

Can childminders get Government funding?

Yes, any childminder registering with a childminder agency like tiney between the date windows listed above will be eligible to receive Government funding and apply for the grant.

What qualifications do you need to be a childminder in England?

There are no formal qualifications required to become a childminder in England, however, to register with tiney you will need to meet our quality bar and complete our training. This will include an online learning review and an in person home visit from a member of our tiney team.

How do childminders work?

Childminders are childcare professionals that operate from their own homes. This means that families will bring their children to your home, unlike a Nanny, who will go to work on the families own property. Along with Nurseries, Childminders are a regulated form of childcare meaning that they must be able to demonstrate to parents/carers and their regulator (tiney) that the needs of children in their care are being met. A childminder's primary job is to offer children an emotionally safe space and create a vibrant early years learning environment.

What are the incentives for childminders in the UK?

Alongside the £1200 startup grant for childminders, one of the biggest incentives to become a childminder in England is the role itself. For the right type of person, childminding uniquely combines highly rewarding work that can directly impact children’s lives, with the opportunity to build a sustainable and flexible business around their own family life.

How much can I earn as a childminder in the UK?

Childminder earnings vary by region and will be dependent on the number of children cared for and the amount of hours worked. Most tiney childminders who work full time hours are earning at least as much as a typical UK teacher, which tends to be around £30k after fees and around 17% more per hour than their Ofsted registered counterparts. Tiney helps childminders maximise their earnings by reducing their unpaid out of hours admin time, improving the customer experience for families to enable more competitive rates, and including a host of typical business costs and services within the tiney fee.


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