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As an Ofsted approved childminder agency, all tiney childminders go through rigorous training and regular inspections.

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tiney childminders focus on learning through play every day, building strong loving relationships in homely settings.

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tiney childminders cater for the unique needs of different families offering flexible, quality assured, safe homes.

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Mini Mcgregors  tiney home nursery

Mini Mcgregors tiney home nursery

Childminder in Kettering and Wellingborough

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A setting in a lovely village on the outskirts of Kettering, Northamptonshire. We are close to woodland and farms, so have lots of places close by to explore! I have over 20 years of experience working with children and a Degree in early years education. I offer early years care and wrap around care, dropping off and picking up from Cranford Primary School.

kristie's tiney home nursery

kristie's tiney home nursery

Childminder in Kettering and Wellingborough

We are a 'home away from home' nurturing setting, producing happy, secure, and confident children. We give opportunities for learning through play and exploration, including forest school activities. We focus on child led activities with adult support where needed. We take the children out on trips each week including garden centres, parks, sealife centres, cinema and a beach trip in the Summer.

Jungle of treasures tiney home nursery

Jungle of treasures tiney home nursery

Childminder in Kettering and Wellingborough

I’m a mum to 3, 1 boy and 2 girls who love to play and make new friends. We have a large garden and enjoy the outdoors with lots of fun resources to use, we also enjoy lots of visits to local parks and regularly visit wicksteed (one of our favourite places). We visit 2 brilliant farms regularly and enjoy lots of walks to see the local animals. We have plenty of space with a large living area as well as a conservatory that is a play room with a reading den and full of lots of fun resources.

Tender Hearts tiney home nursery

Tender Hearts tiney home nursery

Childminder in Kettering and Wellingborough

A home away from home where your little one gets to learn through play. There are opportunities for every child in our care to unlock and reach their potentials, we guide them every step of the way. There are various rich daily activities that helps with the 7 areas of learning according to the EYFS. We work with parents and carry them along in all that we do.

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