tiney community day 2022
tiney community day 2022

Why join tiney?

Discover our bold, new breed, of childminder agency.

tiney gives you the upfront training & tools to supercharge your childcare business, plus the long term support & professional community to help your career thrive.

What makes someone a great fit for tiney? First, you love the idea of working with children and want to make a difference to their lives. Second, you're energised about running your own business from home and third, you know that childminders aren't babysitters and that as early years professionals childminders deserve to be taken seriously and paid fairly.

Why should you choose to become a childminder with tiney rather than via another route?

We could tell you that we’re the UK’s fastest-growing, most modern and most loved childminder agency. We could tell you that our existing community of hundreds of amazing childminders have given us an incredible customer satisfaction rating of 9.7 out of 10. We could tell you that you’ll feel incredibly well-supported by both our tiney team and vibrant professional community.

All of these things are true! But there are a whole lot of other benefits too…

With tiney, you’ll get a looooooong list of benefits you won’t find anywhere else

£3000+ worth of upfront business & education training

Personalised marketing tools to help you find customers

A search friendly website to manage enquiries & showcase your setting

A digital marketing kit to boost your social media presence

A home launch kit to help set up & promote your home

Access to our tiney app, giving you & your customers easy to use tools including a learning journal, daily digital register & huge library of EYFS aligned activities

tiney’s secure app based ‘wallet’ to bill parents, track your hours & accept payments digitally from all major childcare payment schemes

Ongoing billing, tax & contracts support from our central team

Help and support on all essential policies

Inclusive first aid renewal

Expert phone advice for safeguarding, EYFS or SEN questions

Emergency care cover meaning you won’t need to let your customers down if you’re off sick

Access to our community hub & professional network of hundreds of other early years educators meaning you’ll never feel alone

Access to our ongoing programme of community events including things like our business bootcamp & quarterly book club

In-person inset days and regular talks from early years experts

Inclusive ongoing training & support to help you hit your yearly CPD targets & boost your career

Regular free content such as our Anti-Racist educators guide & support series on wellbeing & mental health

Help to find & onboard high quality assistants to significantly boost your earnings

Leadership & progression pathways in our network based on your interests

QA and other inspections carried out to the same standards as Ofsted, but conducted by the tiney team

Inclusive premium insurance plan from Morton Michel

So, what is a childminder agency?

There are two kinds of childminder - those who are individually Ofsted-registered, and those who are registered with an Ofsted-registered agency like tiney (you can read our recent glowing Ofsted report here!) With tiney, all our childminders are self-employed, but we work with them to set up and run amazing, sustainable and successful businesses.

As a childminder, tiney acts as your regulator, your business partner and your cheerleader. Our inspections and quality bar are set to the same high same standards as Ofsted, but all your interactions will be with our friendly tiney team. We are incredibly proud of the type of CMA we are building at tiney, and proud to champion childminding and help our members develop and grow!

tiney stories - hear from our childminders

All kinds of teachers, professionals and caregivers have started new careers with tiney to build a diverse community of hundreds of nurturing homes.

Watch Alicia’s story

Meet Former Primary School Teacher Alicia Wilkins

I didn’t start this with a business mindset. I created my own fees and policies but they take care of the hard stuff, which is great for someone who's never been self-employed before.

Watch Nikki's Story

Meet Former Early Years Practitioner Nikki Walsh

In my previous childcare roles, the thing that I didn’t enjoy was not being able to give the children 1-on-1 attention. Working in a childminding setting means I can give them all the attention that they need.

tiney is the fastest growing and most loved childminding community in the country

The tiney app –

making life super simple.

We streamline payments, daily communication, educational progress and much more to make every day happy.

tiney is a pre-registered B-Corp company

tiney is a pre-registered b-corp, meaning we’re commited to building a business that is a force for good. b-corp status gives us a north star for the type of business we want to grow into, and places us alongside a global movement of other companies already working to benefit society.

We believe that high quality Early Years Education is one of the most high impact ways to positively change society. At tiney we’re super-charging that pathway, not only by impacting children, but by enabling a new generation of amazing educators to choose childcare as their career.

Convinced? Find out more about joining tiney

Chat to our team today to find out about our current offers, request a prospectus or chat through your questions.

Becoming an inclusive, anti-racist Early Educator

We've created this free guide to help Early Years Practitioners support children to develop openness, empathy and curiosity. Click below to find out more about how we can help children to grow up to become inclusive, anti-racist adults.

tiney receives Ofsted's highest grading of 'effective'

tiney is an Ofsted Registered Chidminder Agency enabling a new generation of modern childminders. Find out what Ofsted thought about tiney by reading the report.