Prisca's tiney home nursery
Prisca's tiney home nursery

Guides & resources

Discover free downloads from tiney designed for Early Educators and Parents.

The tiney guide to making sense of SEND

Download our guide for parents and carers to help support you on your SEND journey.

The tiney guide to play: 'Play is a superpower'

Download our guide to exploring the amazing power of play and understand how parents and educators can harness it to support children's learning and development.

Empowering children to build a healthier planet

Download our guide to nurturing more climate-conscious children and running a more sustainable, eco-conscious home or setting. In this guide we offer accessible, practical ideas to empower you to make more planet-conscious choices where and when you can, however big or small.

Wellbeing toolkit for Early Educators

Download tiney's free Wellbeing toolkit, including an A2 Early Years Wellbeing Poster to display in your setting or home. Developed in partnership with Kate Moxely - Wellness for All.

Become an inclusive, anti-racist Early Educator

Download our guide for Early Years Practitioners looking to support children to develop openness, empathy and curiosity. We designed this free resource in 2021 when we saw the lack of existing material on this important topic of raising children to become inclusive, anti-racist adults.