Childminder Deregistration Process

Tiney reserves the right to de-register a childminder registered with us at any time. The childminder will usually be provided with full reasons for the deregistration. We prefer to work with childminders to support them to improve, however in some circumstances we may determine it is necessary to deregister (usually for safeguarding or quality reasons when there is an impact on children’s welfare or development).

The usual de-registration notice period is 28 days, however in cases where a safeguarding risk is identified, or where we otherwise determine accelerated de-registration is appropriate, de-registration may take place with immediate effect (no notice will be given and care must cease immediately).

A de-registration request may also be initiated by you, the childminder. Should you wish to terminate your registration with tiney, this request will be governed by the following terms and process:

Choosing to leave the childminding profession entirely

At tiney, we understand that sometimes you may decide that childminding is not the right career for you. In this scenario, we always want to do what’s best for the children and we will support any of our childminders who decide to leave the profession by helping to find new settings for any children you are taking care of and helping your parents with any transition.

Choosing to leave tiney to move to Ofsted or another agency

If you wish to continue childminding, and intend to move to Ofsted or another agency, then all requests will be governed by our standard deregistration process, as outlined below.

Notification of intent to de-register

Once tiney receives notification of your intended deregistration either directly from you, or via a ‘known to Ofsted’ or ‘known to agency’ check request (these are actioned when you submit an application to register to another provider) this will trigger our deregistration process:

Deregistration call

At tiney, our first goal when processing a deregistration request will be to talk with you and listen to feedback. The tiney team will contact you to arrange a deregistration video call, this will enable us to understand the reasons for your request and discuss these with you.

Often, once we understand your reasons for deregistration, it may be the case that we can agree on a path where you make a positive choice to remain with tiney. However, in the scenario where the conclusion of the call is that you still wish to deregister, then we will formally confirm your move to deregistration status in writing (or via email or in-app message).

Proceeding with a deregistration

Should a childminder decide to proceed with deregistration it is important to be aware that:

  • Any tiney training qualifications gained whilst training or trading with tiney cannot be transferred when you deregister. This means ceasing to use the tiney training qualifications, brand identity and associated marketing materials in the event a provider chooses to de-register with tiney or cease their training.
  • Tiney reserves the right to notify parents via email or telephone should a deregistration be agreed with you. This is to ensure that parents are aware of your intent to de-register and what that means for them, including notifying them of your obligations to ensure new contracts and insurances are put in place, and that your new registration with Ofsted/alternative CMA is processed in an appropriate time frame.

Within 28 days of your deregistration being confirmed:

  • Your access to the community hub will end.
  • In app CPD access will end.
  • You will be unable to download any training certificates and copy certificates will not be issued
  • Your tiney profile page will be deactivated on the tiney website.
  • Any tiney membership loyalty pricing offers will end.
  • You will be asked to return any relevant tiney merchandise provided to you by tiney.

60 days after notifying us of your deregistration or on your chosen date of deregistration (whichever is sooner) the following actions will be taken:

  • Your tiney wallet will be closed and any outstanding balance paid to your nominated bank account.
  • All contracts will be void and an email will be sent to parents/guardians to confirm this.
  • Your tiney insurance will end (you will need to make sure you have your own insurance in place if you wish to continue to trade).

Our training and onboarding fee

If you registered with tiney on or after 15th March 2023 and decide to leave us within your agreed initial term (defined as 24 months from the date of your first signed Childcare Agreement), tiney will charge you a de-registration fee of £500 in relation to the training and onboarding services provided by us to you. This is to cover our costs for items such as your upfront cost of training, creation of insurances and associated staff time costs in supporting your registration.

If you started your training with tiney after July 2022, registered before 15th of March 2023, and decide to leave us within your agreed initial term (defined as 24 months from the date of your first signed Childcare Agreement), we will only charge you £500 if you are moving to Ofsted or another Childminder Agency, but we will waive the fee if you are leaving the profession altogether.

Exceptions to this policy may be made at tiney's discretion on an ad-hoc basis for exceptional circumstances.

Arrangement will need to be made to pay any balance if payment is due and tiney reserves the right, subject to our legal obligations, to not begin processing your deregistration request until all amounts owed are reimbursed and all tiney marketing materials returned.

Last updated: 5th June 2023

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