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I offer a home away from home setting to allow children and their families to feel safe and comfortable. I have almost 10 years experience working in Early Years. I am excited to use my knowledge of the EYFS as a foundation for supporting your children as they learn through play. I am a mum to a 3 year old and we both look forward to welcoming new friends into our home. Activities I enjoy doing with the children include story telling, singing, messy play, arts & crafts, and outdoor play.

from £50 a day

4 minute walk to 85 Bus stop, 10 minute walk to city centre bus station, 20 minute walk to Maidstone West train station

House・Outdoor space・Sleeping area・Quiet road・Pets・Multiple activity areas・Meals provided・Near public transport・Easy parking・Pushchair storage・Wheelchair accessible・Dedicated nappy-changing area

Alyssa Fagg

Alyssa Fagg


    from £50 a day

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Hours of Business

07:30 to 18:30

Ages catered for

0 - 5+ years


Open all year

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About my home

Originally from America, I have worked in nurseries in America and England as well as spending a year as an au pair in Ireland. I believe these experiences and my training as a Level 3 practitioner have shaped my practice into a holistic and play based form of learning. Upon becoming a mum myself, I began my search for a change. I am thrilled to start my business from home and still do what I am most passionate about- helping children to build the foundation of their learning.

Unique highlights

Baking and Cooking

I enjoy cooking and involving my own son in helping to make meals or bake treats. I will encourage children in my care to join in in assisting allowing them to get hands on in the preparation of their meals. The children will get to explore a variety of dishes and gain life skills as they assist in creating these dishes.

Large Outdoor Space

I am a big fan of the outdoors and am happy to offer a large back garden full of mini-beasts for the children to explore. We often go on bug hunts using a kit and enjoy talking about the funny looking creatures we find. I also am next to Mote Park and look forward to going on nature walks and accessing this space throughout the week.

Out and About - Day Trips

We take regular outings to places like Buttercup Goat Sanctuary, Kent Life, Leeds Castle, the local library and museum. I believe these trips out help to further their learning and allows the children to take in all the community has to offer.

Messy and Sensory Play

I fully believe in play based learning and find this is best achieved when children are given the option to get messy. Through messy play they are learning about textures, measuring, sorting, story telling, cause and effect, fine motor skills… the list goes on and on. I love to set up these activities and will offer this play every day to allow your child to spark their curiosity and explore independently.

Life at a tiney home nursery

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tiney book club

Sharing books is at the heart of all tiney home nurseries – it’s fantastic for children’s imaginations, for building vocabulary, for speaking and listening, for personal, social and emotional development, and so much more. Through our partnerships with Walker Books and the National Literacy Trust, our childminders run creative activities around a wonderfully diverse range of books.

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I am on the edge of Mote Park and plan to regularly access this.

I am also a short drive from Buttercups Goat Sanctuary and Kent Life which I also plan to use frequently. As I am also near to the town centre, visits to the library and the museum will also be frequent to explore our community and all it has to offer.

Your child's neighbourhood

Mote Park

Kent Life

Kent History and Library Centre

The key features of tiney home nurseries:

A home-from-home

Small ratios and strong, loving relationships

A highly personalised approach for each child

Regular book club and community events

Daily outdoor learning and home-cooked meals to keep children fit and healthy

Humour, fun, songs and stories

Child-led playful learning

A learning environment set up to give children choice and build their independence

Irresistible learning opportunities that develop a deep love of learning

Rich conversation and exploration, which builds children’s confidence and creativity

Sensitive support for children’s emotional development and a focus on building resilience

What makes tiney homes unique?

All home leaders go through a rigorous selection process. We accept less than 15% of applicants.

They get world-class training from education and safeguarding experts.

We visit their home nursery and vet them to standards above and beyond Ofsted.

We work together to deliver a great ongoing tiney home nursery experience.

We’re the UK’s fastest growing and most trusted childcare community

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