Silver Swans tiney home nursery

Outdoor space・Quiet road・Pets・Secure shaded area・Multiple activity areas・Meals provided・Near public transport・Easy parking・Pushchair storage・Dedicated nappy-changing area・Sleeping area・House


£7 per hour

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2-4 years, 5+ years


Term-time only

Opening Hours

08:00 to 18:00

About this home

This tiney home is a safe, inclusive, enriching environment, located in an amazing area (TW20) with access to multiple parks, a local community orchard and much more. This tiney home has great train and bus links, as well as fantastic walking distance from various places of interest.

Is available for local school drop off/ pick ups. I provide healthy, home-cooked meals and snacks.

Every child is very special and we are excited to welcome every individual who wants to join us.

About our tiney childminder

I have set up my tiney home to be a safe, inclusive and a welcoming space for all families. I provide nutritious home cooked meals as well as having a great outdoor space for children to explore and have a fun, engaging environment. I have over 8 years of child care experience, 3 years working inside schools as a LSA. I am caring, compassionate, and patient. I am skilled at developing and leading children in innovative learning activities and can help with homework.

Unique highlights

Swimming pool and soft play trips

Local orchard

Safe, secure and private back garden

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Elizabeth Jones

£7 per hour

Care requirements

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tiney is an Ofsted Registered Childminder Agency, licensed to train, support and quality assure childminders. Read Ofsted Report

DBS checked and verified

including all household members over 16

Paediatric First Aid trained

in accordance with Ofsted requirements

Annual QA inspection

in accordance with EYFS, Safeguarding & Welfare requirements

Verified in person

By Ofsted registered Childminder Agency, tiney

EYFS practitioner

in the social and educational development of 0-5 year olds

Fully trained by tiney

including Safeguarding, Food Hygiene, FGM and Duty to prevent

GP Health and Local Authority Background Checks

for childminder and each household member at all previous addresses


Approximately 15min walk from Egham train station or 10mins from Egham Town centre

In this neighbourhood

I live on a quiet housing estate in Egham. I have multiple different parks and playgrounds in close proximity to the house. As well as a community allotment. I visit the local historic sites, library and soft play groups, as well as the local swimming centre.


Hythe park

Egham orbit

What others are saying about this home...


Elizabeth is an amazing person. As a teacher/carer, she is kind, patient and she puts the welfare of children in her care as her top priority. She is gentle and really does everything in her power to understand each child's needs and interests. When she looked after my little one (who has ASD, SPD and Hyperlexia) she was always asking me questions about what my little liked and what worked and what didn't work for them. She took the time to play the way my child preferred and followed their interests and use their special interests to help them learn. She has always treated my child with great respect and love. As a friend, Elizabeth has been loving, caring and reliable. She always asks how we are doing and includes my child in every party she has - even allowing us to come earlier to accommodate for my child's Sensory issues. She always asks what my child is eating before we visit because she knows and understands my child's ARFID means her diet is ever changing and limited. Elizabeth is the best person you could have as a friend and a team member. She thinks of others before herself and she always makes everything fun. She's animated and funny and she never says no to a game, a dance or a pretend play moment. Elizabeth makes learning fun and being in her presence is like being warmed in the sun. She radiates love and positivity and always has good vibes - even when she is having a hard day. Elizabeth is selfless and will do everything she possibly can to help people. She thinks outside the box and has endless creativity.

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Pricing that is fair, with clear rates for school & un-sociable hours
Access to government funded childcare hours
Regulated form of childcare
Fully checked, vetted & inspected at least once a year