Blossom And Bee tiney home nursery

Rebecca Taylor

Near Warbreck, Blackpool

House・Playroom・Sleeping area・Quiet road・Pets・Multiple activity areas

spaces available


£48 a day

Icon / Child


Under 1s, 1-2 years, 2-4 years, 5+ years


Open all year

Opening Hours

08:00 to 18:00

About this home

Hello! I’m Bee.

I’ve been busy creating a nurturing haven for little ones to learn, play, and grow! With over 8 years experience in childcare, our tiney home offers a safe and stimulating environment for your children to flourish.

My goal is to create a home from home experience, in which children feel safe and confident to showcase their true selves.

Join our home nursery for a journey filled with fun, laughter, and adventure!

About our tiney childminder

Thank you for viewing to my home nursery profile! A carefully crafted space designed to accommodate and nurture children of all stages of development. Here, I prioritise creating an inclusive environment that grants your child the freedom to explore and thrive within a safe and curiosity-provoking setting.

I am dedicated to continually seeking innovative ways to provide enriching learning experiences through play. I see every moment as is an opportunity for growth and discovery! 🏡👶🎨

Unique highlights

Outdoors, everyday!

Outdoor play isn't just fun; it's a powerhouse for child development! From building resilience to enhancing creativity, the benefits are endless. Fresh air, active bodies, and endless adventures await – let's embrace the great outdoors for happy and healthy kids!

Bilingual Singing!

Research illuminates how exposing young minds to multiple languages through song serves as a magical catalyst for communication and language skills. The rhythmic patterns and playful repetition not only make learning joyous but also foster linguistic growth during these crucial early years. In our tiney home, we tune into the power of bilingual singing – where every note shapes a brilliant foundation for a bilingual, communicative future! You may even find your little one singing Twinkle Twinkle in Spanish before you know it!

Nurturing little minds and bodies! 🌱✨

Did you know that proper nutrition in early years lays the foundation for a lifetime of health and learning? At our setting, you’ll find a home-cooked menu for your children that’s sure to fill happy tummies. Promoting growth, supporting development, and fostering a love for wholesome foods, we pride ourselves on providing delicious and nutritious foods for your little ones.

tiney is an Ofsted Registered Childminder Agency, licensed to train, support and quality assure childminders. Read Ofsted Report

DBS checked and verified

including all household members over 16

Paediatric First Aid trained

in accordance with Ofsted requirements

Annual QA inspection

in accordance with EYFS, Safeguarding & Welfare requirements

Verified in person

By Ofsted registered Childminder Agency, tiney

EYFS practitioner

in the social and educational development of 0-5 year olds

Fully trained by tiney

including Safeguarding, Food Hygiene, FGM and Duty to prevent

GP Health and Local Authority Background Checks

for childminder and each household member at all previous addresses


Bus and trams nearby.

In this neighbourhood

We are incredibly lucky to have several outdoor attractions just a short walk from our home.

I spend a lot of time outdoors, whether it’s on a toddler-led nature walk through our local gardens searching for acorns, or challenging physical development at our local play park!

We also have the beach just up the road which is incredible fun in summer.

Gynn Square Gardens

Claremont Park

Blackpool Beach

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Fair Pricing

Clear rates for school and unsociable hours

Funded hours

Access to government funded childcare hours


Fully checked, vetted and inspected at least once a year

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