The SENsory Hub tiney home nursery

Sarah Beesley

Near West Middleton, Manchester

House・Outdoor space・Pets・Multiple activity areas・Wheelchair accessible・Meals provided

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£50 a day

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Under 1s, 1-2 years, 2-4 years, 5+ years


Open all year

Opening Hours

07:00 to 18:00

About this home

"Nature and children are natural playmates, they are both messy, unpredictable and beautiful"

A home from home setting with a large secure garden to play in featuring activities linked to the 7 areas of learning. We are Opposite a play park, safe forested and walking area. We love to go on adventures linked to what your child interests are with an adaptive curiculum."It takes 400 repetitions to create a new synapse in the brain, unless it is done in play, then it only takes 10/20 repititions.

About our tiney childminder

As a mother to an autistic child i believe in a child lead approach to learning , we have created a fun , tidy and welcoming enviroment for your children to thrive and develop at their own pace , as a teacher and a childcare professional i have developed an understanding of individual needs and the importance of embracing a childs intrests and personality and using them as a tool to further aid learning through play.

Unique highlights

We own a small play centre

We own The SENsory Hub in Middleton. We have a play with role play, sensory corner and messy play.

I am a level 6 trained teacher , trained in play therapy and have completed various Neurodiversity courses

I have 15 years experience in teaching and various neurodivedsity training. I am also trained as a play therapist.

Messy / Sensory / Small world Play

Love of Messy play, or sensory play. It is a form of play allowing your children to make a controlled mess so they can use their senses in a logical and educational way. Ingredients such as paint, sand, slime, water, clay or mud, it is geared toward exploring feelings and imagination. The idea is to use different materials to explore various textures, getting used to different sensations using their hands and fingers or even toes and feet! Some children will be sensitive to different sensations, and messy play is a great way to ease them into new experiences without overwhelming them.

tiney is an Ofsted Registered Childminder Agency, licensed to train, support and quality assure childminders. Read Ofsted Report

DBS checked and verified

including all household members over 16

Paediatric First Aid trained

in accordance with Ofsted requirements

Annual QA inspection

in accordance with EYFS, Safeguarding & Welfare requirements

Verified in person

By Ofsted registered Childminder Agency, tiney

EYFS practitioner

in the social and educational development of 0-5 year olds

Fully trained by tiney

including Safeguarding, Food Hygiene, FGM and Duty to prevent

GP Health and Local Authority Background Checks

for childminder and each household member at all previous addresses


A Short walk from bus links

In this neighbourhood

We live adjacent to a public park with a wooded area and easy access to local bus routes , direct routes to city centres will make our daily outings fun and interesting , we like to visit museums, art galleries , exhibits as well as fun outings to the cinema , play centres and educational learning centres such as Eurika.

Chadderton Park/ Fox denton Park

Heaton Park/ Alkrington woods

The SENsory Hub/ various museums/ outings

What others are saying about this home...

Matt Whittaker

My children adore your family, you have all spent time and out and hours of genuine person/child centred care. You cater for the individual and have gone above and beyond for both my children. I’d be honoured to be a reference for you.


Absolutely incredible! Finley had a fantastic time with Sarah and did so many activities too! I was kept up to date the whole day and what he was getting up to etc. Very structured day. I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my boyo. Thank you

Chloe Eatough

My daughter, Codie, started childcare with the SENsory Hub Tiney Home 2 months ago at 1 years old and absolutely loves the time she spends with Sarah. Sarah and her family went above and beyond to ensure Codie felt comfortable and that we went at a pace I also felt comfortable with. By the end of the first settling in week Codie was already happy to leave me and have fun with her new friends. Since starting with Sarah, Codie’s development has come on leaps and bounds which is all down to the hard work Sarah puts in to progressing her milestones. During the 2 months she’s been with the SENsory Hub Tiney Home, Codie learnt to wave; blow kisses; say new words; stand unaided; use a spoon/fork and take her first steps. There are endless resources and Sarah will guiltily indulge in treating the children with more, especially once they show an interest in something. Sarah is always switching it up and often takes Codie out exploring and celebrates almost every holiday. I think going to see the animals at Heaton Park for habitat and animal day was Codie’s favourite. Codie gets involved in activities set up for her every day which has greatly developed her sensory processing with messy play with all different textures, something I know Sarah has a real passion for. Sarah and her family go the extra mile every day and they don’t do this for a job, they do it because they genuinely love the children and have a real passion for exploring how their little mind works and encouraging them to grow. We are so grateful for such an amazing childminder and they will be a part of Codie’s life forever.


Thank you for everything you do for Maya. Iv always been proven to not trust places in past like nursery ect. Its the first time I’ve been able to relax and focus on work when she in a childcare setting. The way she talks about you is just so nice like a second family! At this rate even when she leaves primary you won’t be able to get rid of her 😂 Just wanted to remind u how appreciated you are 🧡 Your fun and creative and you give her enough of that for both of us whilst I work. You have a safe space to let her be completely herself. I got that vibe from first time we met. It’s nice to say maya feels that too and she isn’t her complete crazy amazing self with a lot of people. She thinks of you in a special way you've bonded so well. Everything you experience and do together, she can not wait to show me or tell me with her little proud face tellin me in detail it’s so nice. She actually shouts yesssss everytime I say it’s you gettin h

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Funded hours

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Fully checked, vetted and inspected at least once a year

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