Tiba’s Tiny Treasures tiney home nursery

I am passionate about unlocking every child's potential. As an educator, I feel privileged to be the facilitator and the enabler for your child’s early years development. Sharing these memories and experiences with them is so rewarding! I live in a safe, newly built apartment with lift access. Beside the lovely terrace area, we have a spacious playground and a green area downstairs!

from £75 a day

2 minutes walk from the main Uxbridge road and different bus routes

Near public transport・Flat・Outdoor space・Multiple activity areas・Meals provided・Playroom・Sleeping area

Tiba Charama

Tiba Charama

West Ealing

    from £75 a day

    spaces available

Hours of Business

08:00 to 18:00

Ages catered for

0 - 5+ years


Open all year

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About my home

My setting is a home from home experience- very relaxed, calm and comfortable. I recognise the importance of having routines and structure and aim to provide a rich and varied environment for the children. I care deeply about encouraging children to have a go, experiment, play, explore and grow through heuristic play! I always encourage families to express their child's preferences and needs so that they can thrive in my nursery.

Unique highlights

Childhood Qualifications

I have an Honours Degree in Childhood and Youth Studies. I am a qualified Nursery Nurse and have almost 3 years experience in the childcare sector.


Before working in the childcare sector I supported vulnerable families for 6 years working with Family Lives Charity. I have the skills and experience to be sensitive to the child's needs as well as providing positive feedback to bring out the best in children.

Heuristic play

I encourage heuristic play. Heuristic play is about using every day items, like empty clean milk bottles, caps, cartons, cardboard etc. Children enjoy touching different materials and textures, exploring them and become more familiar with their surrounding. Heuristic play encourages children to explore open ended and creative play.


Music enhances children’s social, emotional, intellectual, language and motor skills. Calming mellow music helps with digestion and relaxation during meal times. Therefore, I like to play calm music at a low volume in the background to support your child’s well-being!

Natural resources

I try to integrate natural resources into my activities. This is not only fun for children, but also develops an understanding of nature. They increase curiosity and creativity, encouraging critical thinking.

Meals provided

I provide healthy meals and snacks.

Siblings discount

I offer a 10% discount for siblings.

Life at a tiney home nursery

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tiney book club

Sharing books is at the heart of all tiney home nurseries – it’s fantastic for children’s imaginations, for building vocabulary, for speaking and listening, for personal, social and emotional development, and so much more. Through our partnerships with Walker Books and the National Literacy Trust, our childminders run creative activities around a wonderfully diverse range of books.

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I believe that children learn a great deal in their interaction with the natural environment.

I live close to different parks and play centres and I am close to Hanwell Zoo. I am also close to libraries.

Your child's neighbourhood

Walpole park

Bunny park/ Hanwell Zoo

Lammas park/ Lammas play centre

What are others saying about Tiba’s Tiny Treasures tiney home nursery?


My experience working with Tiba has been amazing. I met her at my nursery as she worked for agency, so she would come to help when we had no staff. Honestly Tiba is the most lovely person you will ever meet. She is super helpful and gets on with the job. If I knew Tiba was coming to work with us when we were struggling I would look forward to the day. Tiba has been a great friend also, she’s like my big sister and I’m grateful to have met her! Having Tiba is something you won’t regret!

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Parent at

Tiba’s Tiny Treasures

tiney home nursery

Michalina Wozniak

Tibe is a truthful and highly motivated individual with great and cheerful approach towards children. She’s able to recognize their needs and preferences. Tiba is a very friendly role model with lots of ideas for challenging activities.

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Parent at

Tiba’s Tiny Treasures

tiney home nursery

Zenab Sheha

It is my pleasure to recommend Tiba as your child care provider. I have found her diligent care of children a true blessing. she is so good of keeping the children engaged in different kind of activities and making them enjoy what they are doing. She is keeping the parents informed in every single detail and have given them so much confidence. I would highly recommend her as child care provider for every parents.

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Parent at

Tiba’s Tiny Treasures

tiney home nursery

Claudia BC

I have had the wonderful experience of working with Tiba for a short time at a nursery and she has been attentive, committed and caring to the children we worked with. She always had the best interest of the children at heart and this was demonstrated through her interactions with them and the innovative activities that she provided to keep them engaged and active. Tiba's love for this children was easily shone in the way she enjoyed doing activities and spending time with the children. I believe that Tiba has carried herself as an individual that I would love to have in my children's life and as such I deem her fit to be an excellent childminder. Endeavour Tiba to use the knowledge of child development and enthusiasm to work with children to strengthen our society and the world in which we live in.

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Parent at

Tiba’s Tiny Treasures

tiney home nursery

Mrs Spencer

Tiba has looked after my son on many occasions from the age of 6months to 3 years now. She is a very caring person and does lots of great and creative activities with children. My son always has so much fun with her that he never wants to leave! I have such peace of mind when my child is with her and I know she takes my wishes and requests into account when looking after him.

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Parent at

Tiba’s Tiny Treasures

tiney home nursery

Jaime Grueso

I worked with Tiba for months in a nursery. Even when she was staff from a (temp) company, children really showed how much they did trust her. I’ve seen her working in different rooms/ages and she did seem confident on her job no matter what. She showed initiative and desire to set up activities and challenges for the children. As a colleague, she always made me feel welcome in the morning and breaks were fun with her. She would try to help when you ask her or if she sees you struggling. In my eyes, Tiba is a woman with experience and a really warm kind heart who is passionate for her job.

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Parent at

Tiba’s Tiny Treasures

tiney home nursery

Anna Linowiecka

I worked with Tiba for almost one year, she is a very caring and responsible person and always well organized. The kindest and helpful person I had the pleasure to work with. I was impressed with her creativity when caring and playing with children.

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Parent at

Tiba’s Tiny Treasures

tiney home nursery

Typical features of a tiney home

A home-from-home environment

Small ratios and strong, loving relationships

Regular book club and community events

Humour, fun, songs and stories

Child-led playful learning

Sensitive support for children's emotional development and a focus on building resilience

A highly personalised approach for each child

Daily outdoor learning and home-cooked meals to keep children fit and healthy

Increased flexibility such as term-time only options

A learning environment set up to give children choice and build their independence

Rich conversation and exploration, which builds children's confidence and creativity

Irresistible learning opportunities that develop a deep love of learning

What makes tiney homes unique?

All home leaders go through a rigorous selection process. We accept less than 15% of applicants.

They get world-class training from education and safeguarding experts.

We visit their home nursery and vet them to standards above and beyond Ofsted.

We work together to deliver a great ongoing tiney home nursery experience.

We’re the UK’s fastest growing and most trusted childcare community

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