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Childminders and home nurseries near Calverton. Exceptional childcare in an at-home setting near Calverton. Registered with an Ofsted approved childminder agency. Mobile app. Flexible hours.

Childminders in Calverton

Our community of childminders in Calverton offer brilliant learning resources, creativity and the freedom to play and explore

tiney’s education philosophy

The foundations for future learning and future wellbeing are laid in early childhood. Here’s how tiney has been designed to have a profound impact on children who join a tiney home.

Unlocking potential

tiney childminders encourage and nurture the remarkable capacities young children have for learning, imagination, fun, generosity, boldness and directness. We believe education should develop the whole child equipping them with the skills that will help them thrive later in life - qualities like resilience, critical thinking and collaboration.

Learning through play

At tiney, we take play seriously. It is the motor of young children’s learning and the way that they explore and make sense of the world. tiney childminders foster a love of learning by providing an exciting, play-based curriculum, tailored to each child’s needs.

tiney homes vs larger settings

Children receive far more adult attention in a tiney home than they would in a larger setting. This has a big impact on children’s confidence and language development. tiney home nurseries combine the benefits of small and large settings; offering a nurturing, homely environment, coupled with a large community of other tiney homes for group meet ups, larger education occasions and local events.

Watch our mission and video

What’s different about tiney?

Want a flavour of what you can expect when you sign up with one of our tiney childminders? Watch our mission video and have a look through our family pack to learn what’s so special about tiney, and how our tiney home nurseries are different from other childcare settings.