Inspiring EYFS-based tiney tips

Support children’s learning and find a huge choice of EYFS-based learning activites to try with your children.

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What are tiney tips?

tiney tips is a huge collection of EYFS-based activities and ideas for you to explore. We partner with specialists in Early Years, experts on social media, our growing childminder community, along with our own in-house Education gurus to generate ideas and collections. All of our tips are based on the seven areas of learning from the EYFS.

  • Communication and language

  • Physical development

  • Personal, social, and emotional

  • Literacy development

  • Mathematics development

  • Understanding the world

  • Expressive arts and design

Curious minds feature screenshots

Curious minds see more

tiney tips are designed to help you harness children’s curiosity, whilst making your weekly planning easy. Tips collections are loaded with vibrant learning opportunities that enable, excite and inspire young minds.

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Play is a superpower

We know play is a superpower and here at tiney we want all our activities and ideas to start from a place of fun. Tips are easy to follow and often use simple items you’ll already have around the house.

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tiney tip of the week

We regularly highlight a ‘tip of the week’ on social media and have themed collections throughout the year to link to what’s happening locally and in the wider world. Don’t forget to share your activites on social and tag #tiney

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Sustainable play

We are on a mission to constantly suggest ways for our play to be more sustainable. Repurposing items for new uses, making use of second hand toys or toy swaps, using natural materials for crafts and making the most out of our outdoor environment are all great ideas.