Why choose a tiney childminder?

Help your child to realise their full potential with the guidance of a registered professional with all the flexibility you need.

Big futures have tiney beginnings

At tiney we believe that great early years education is more important than ever before. As well as being a crucial launchpad for your child's development and school readiness, a great childcare setting is also the place where lifelong memories get made, where communities of families come together and where lives are shaped for the future.

How tiney compares to other childcare options

tiney childminders are professionally trained, registered and regulated early years educators, caring for children in their home

How tiney compares to other childcare options

How tiney compares

tiney childmindersnurseriesnannies
Affordable rates
Access to government funded childcare hours
Regulated form of childcare
Fully checked, vetted & inspected at least once a year
Home-based environment (but out of your own home)
Can provide school age wraparound care
Follow EYFS education approach
Flexible, convenient care including unsocialble hours
Family-style relationships with low ratios
Unique local & cultural fit
The tiney app

What is a childminder agency?

tiney is regulated by Ofsted, meaning we are licensed to train, support and quality assure our tiney childminders (you can read our recent glowing Ofsted report here!). Our childminders are self-employed, but we work with them to set up and run amazing, sustainable, successful businesses.

As self-employed professionals, our childminders are in charge of their business decisions, such as agreeing contracts with families, but tiney are there to support and regulate their work, and can mediate when needed. This means both childminders and the families they work with have peace of mind.

We're also proud to champion childminding and help our members develop and grow! tiney provide heaps of ongoing professional development, and we ensure that all our childminders are part of an incredibly supportive and fun community of fellow early years professionals.

The tiney app –

making life super simple.

We streamline payments, daily communication, educational progress and much more to make every day happy.

tiney Childminder Agency inset day 2022
tiney Childminder Agency inset day 2022

With tiney, your childminder is part of a professional community of hundreds of Early Years Educators

tiney Childminder Agency inset day 2022

tiney's education philosophy and why the early years matter

A great early education can be life changing. At no other time can you have such a profound impact on a child's development and long term outcomes. The foundations for future learning and future wellbeing are laid in early childhood...

Unlocking potential

Education should develop the whole child. The curriculum in tiney homes develops confident, curious learners with the skills that will help them thrive later in life — qualities like resilience, critical thinking and collaboration. Children become more independent in a tiney home. The environment is set up to encourage children’s independence, with resources accessible and set up at child height, and play-based activities that enable children to follow their own interests and ideas.

Priscila's tiney home in Muswell Hill

Learning through play

At tiney, we take play very seriously. It is the motor of young children's learning and the way that they explore and make sense of the world. Our training and the 'tiney tips' resources on our app are designed to enable the most powerful play, both in tiney home nurseries and in children's own homes.

Typical features of a tiney home

A home-from-home environment

Small ratios and strong, loving relationships

Regular book club and community events

Humour, fun, songs and stories

Child-led playful learning

Sensitive support for children's emotional development and a focus on building resilience

A highly personalised approach for each child

Daily outdoor learning and home-cooked meals to keep children fit and healthy

Increased flexibility such as term-time only options

A learning environment set up to give children choice and build their independence

Rich conversation and exploration, which builds children's confidence and creativity

Irresistible learning opportunities that develop a deep love of learning

Convinced? Find out even more in our family pack

Download a copy of our family pack today to read more about tiney and what you can expect when you choose a tiney childminder.