Lisa Jones tiney home nursery

Lisa Jones

Near Standon, Cambridge

House・Outdoor space・Playroom・Sleeping area・Quiet road・Multiple activity areas・Wheelchair accessible・Easy parking・Pushchair storage

spaces available


£6.75 per hour

Icon / Child


Under 1s, 1-2 years, 2-4 years, 5+ years


Open all year

Opening Hours

07:30 to 17:00

About this home

Hello, I’m Lisa I am a friendly bubbly person who loves bringing out the best in children . We have designated a room in our house for my childcare setting . I have 5 children and 1 granddaughter so I have lots of hands on experience . I live with my husband Stewart and 4 of our children, in Puckeridge . We have a nice size garden so I will be able to do lots of outside play too . We also have beautiful walks locally that we will be able to enjoy .

About our tiney childminder

I’ve set up my Tiney home to be inclusive and welcoming to all families. I understand from when I was working in London the juggle of school runs and childcare so I will work with the families and find a settling in period that works uniquely for you . I have used a room downstairs to be dedicated to children’s/ play and learning and will encourage lots of play based learning !

Unique highlights

Mum to 5

Having my own children gives me the best experience I believe you can get . From newborns to teenagers

We have a lovely size garden for outside play .

School drop off / pick up

I will be offering school drop off & pick ups from Roger de Clare & Ralph Sadleir.

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GP Health and Local Authority Background Checks

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Ware / Bishops Stortford are our closest train link to London

In this neighbourhood

We have lots of beautiful country walks to explore, local parks too .




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