Cosy Cocoon tiney home nursery

Shumaila Hassan

Near Lady Margaret, Slough and Heathrow

House・Outdoor space・Sleeping area・Playroom・Quiet road・Pets・Multiple activity areas・Dedicated nappy-changing area・Easy parking・Near public transport

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£8 per hour

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2-4 years, 5+ years


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10:00 to 18:00

About this home

A family home nursery at the heart of a rich multicultural community. At Cosy Cocoon we “Play, Nurture and Learn together”. With over 20+ years of experience in childcare and education we believe that children learn best when they feel safe, secure and attached with their caring adults. We listen, empathise and encourage parents/carers to work with us in order to provide the best childcare to meet children’s individual needs. We provide outdoor/ indoor activities to support social play and fun.

About our tiney childminder

Our home nursery provides both indoor and outdoor settings with many resources to encourage learning through play and repetition. We have 3 primary schools close by so we can provide school pickup, assist your child with their homework and other activities such as learning to read basic Quran/ Arabic, baking & cooking healthy snacks. There’s a local park, a small library and a leisure centre with swimming pool which provides sports and swimming lessons for children of all ages.

Unique highlights


I speak Arabic, English, Hindi, Punjabi and Urdu. I teach Arabic and Urdu as extracurricular activities.

Primary school teacher and SENDCO

As an EYFS- Reception Class teacher and a SENDCO I have vast experience of working with SEND children including some who had medical needs.

Multi skilled mummy

As a mother I have always taken pride and initiative in engaging my girls with learning many lifelong skills such cooking, baking, sewing and painting. Which I still love to do ❤️ with my learners.

tiney is an Ofsted Registered Childminder Agency, licensed to train, support and quality assure childminders. Read Ofsted Report

DBS checked and verified

including all household members over 16

Paediatric First Aid trained

in accordance with Ofsted requirements

Annual QA inspection

in accordance with EYFS, Safeguarding & Welfare requirements

Verified in person

By Ofsted registered Childminder Agency, tiney

EYFS practitioner

in the social and educational development of 0-5 year olds

Fully trained by tiney

including Safeguarding, Food Hygiene, FGM and Duty to prevent

GP Health and Local Authority Background Checks

for childminder and each household member at all previous addresses

Read Shumaila Hassan's latest Quality Assurance Report


Southall station that now is famous for its new TfL rail access is only 7/8 minutes drive or 15 minutes walk from our home. Several bus links to underground stations (Greenford and Ealing). Ealing hospital is only 15 minutes drive.

In this neighbourhood

Our local “Jubilee Park” has newly purpose built children’s play ground and designed exercise area which is only 5 minutes walk from our home. Next to the park there’s a health clinic “Jubilee clinic” which serves the local community by health professionals such as GPS, health visitors, Speech and Physiotherapists. There’s a small local library attached to the clinic and we are hoping that the library will restart its “story tell” sessions for children which was a routine in the past. We are also lucky to have a beautiful walk around a canal where families get together for picnic and long walks.

Gurddwara Sri Guru Singh Sabha

Abubakr Mosques and madrasah

Vishwa Hindu temple

What others are saying about this home...

Mrs M S mum of 3 young children

I have known Shumaila for more than 20 years as neighbours she’s always been so kind to us. As a professional she’s a very passionate and caring teacher who puts children’s needs first and will always go an extra mile to fulfil her students’ needs. Since I have moved to another place and have my own 3 children I wish I was near by so I could’ve used Shumaila’s childcare facilities, however I am grateful that she’s teaching Quran to my daughter online. My daughter has learnt so much from Shumaila and she always looks forward to her lessons. I wish Shumaila all the best of luck for her lovely home tiney nursery.

Jas Kaur

I have never known Shumaila, I got her details from Tiney.  I arranged to meet a few childminders before I went to see Shumaila.  I was so nervous about so many things such as: starting work again, my new routines and also leaving my child with a childminder.  After visiting a few childminders, with Shumaila it was an instant bond; her setting is clean, fun, bright and vibrant and she is absolutely amazing. On our first visit my child just started to play and interact with Shumaila instantly.  Now when I leave my child with Shumaila to go to work, I can honestly say that I don’t even think about him because I know that Shumaila is looking after my child better than me or my family can. During his time with Shumaila, my child has such a fun filled day, he reads, paints, plays (the playtime activities are so well organised and thought out), he goes out to the local park (where again Shumaila is continuously stimulating his little brain with new words and encourages him to explore the activity areas at the park). Since going to Shumaila, my child has learnt how to count, he has a new love for learning, his vocabulary has increased extensively and he has become confident at exploring with paints.  This is all just after 4 sessions.  It is like my child is at school with 1 to 1 support.  Shumaila uses her years of teaching experience gained in schools to educate my child.  I would highly recommend Shumaila to anyone interested in a childminder, you will thank me! I was in your situation searching for a childminder, I didn’t know Shumaila at all, but now it feels like I have known her all my life, she treats my child with so much love and affection.The days my child goes to Shumaila, he is so excited.  The best feeling in the world is, when I go to collect him at home-time, he still wants to stay at Shumaila’s tiney home nursery and play, which is reassuring to see how happy my child is there and how much fun he has.  I also get very excited to leave my child at Shumaila’s as I know he absolutely loves being there.

Jas Kaur

I am very happy with Shumaila’s setting and her teaching and caring approach. My son has made so much progress over the last six months and his personality shows so much full of confidence. He has learnt so many new things, new words and his language has developed and he loves to read more. My son is so much happy with Shumaila and he calls her Auntie 🥰


My name is Amarjeet. I drop off my grandson to Shumaila every day.Shumaila is a ‘gold’ star childminder for my grandson. I can easily just drop him off at hers and not worry about him at all . In fact he settles in straight away so quickly as she makes the nursery so attractive for children. She is absolutely amazing!! Second to none ! She is like a second mum for him when he is with her .He learns a lot from her as she is always teaching him numbers, alphabet and all about animals which he loves! She has an abundance of toys and books and educational resources in her nursery. I would highly recommend Shumaila to any parent looking for a childminder for their children.

Deep Grewal

Our child loves going to Shumaila’s house (cosy Cocoon tiney home nursery). Whenever we mention he is going there, he perks up and gets happy. Shumaila prepares different themed lessons for him very well prepared embedded into playful activities. She also takes him out to the park, library and play group to learn various life skills, even at his young age he has learnt so much. I would recommend her to anyone looking for child care for their children.

Zabeen Akhtar

Thanks to Shumaila for the support she had provided to my daughter while she was trying to settle into a school environment this past month. My daughter has been really struggling with being in year one, and I was so confused as to what I should do. Shumaila advised me that I should speak to the school and gave me an assessment of my daughter’s learning and development which helped me make the decision to defer her to reception class. Shumaila supported my daughter through the transition and noted the anxiety and nervousness my daughter was initially feeling in year one! I am so grateful for the support Shumaila had provided us during this transition and thankfully my daughter is now happy and thriving in her new reception class. My daughter always looks forward to being picked up by Shumaila from school, and says she loves painting in the garden and playing with the cats. She has often asked me if Shumaila can pick her up every day. She says Aunty Shumaila is one of her "favourite people in the world!” I would recommend Shumaila to anyone looking for a nurturing childcare.

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