Feel more connected to your child’s day with the Journal

Get photos, videos and daily moments to your app throughout the day and celebrate your children’s learning and development.

Daily updates

tiney childminders will send you updates on your child at various moments throughout the day.

    EYFS Observations

    Observations are a great way to understand your child’s development and support their progress at home.

    Snapshot moments

    Never miss a moment of fun! Quick snapshot photos and videos help you see what your child has been up to.


    Assessments cover more in-depth learning observations within the EYFS framework.

    Meals eaten

    Stay in the loop, with Breakfast, Lunch, Tea, and snack notifications throughout the day.

    Nappy changes

    Get notifications on the nature, and number of nappies, that your child has used had throughout the day.

    Sleep times

    Sleep and nap logs help you stay informed and adjust the at home routine if needed.

Observations feature screenshots

Celebrate your child’s learning with EYFS Observations

See observations about how your child is developing in the 7 Areas of Learning. Chat with your childminder in the app about each observation to celebrate key moments together.

Snapshots feature screenshots

Never miss a moment with Snapshots

Never miss a moment or a milestone. See what your child's up to, the progress they're making and what fun they’re having with their new friends.

Assessments feature screenshots

Understand your child’s learning journey with Assessments

You’ll receive various reports on your child’s learning development from Settling in, to Termly Summaries and a Two Year Progress Check. Easily chat to your childminder about your child’s progress and work together to support them.

Journal feature screenshots

A daily timeline of your child’s health and care

Routine for a child is important, so when you can’t be there, the tiney app helps ensure you stay in the loop. Get real-time updates on what food they’ve eaten, what their nappies have been like and of course, if they’ve taken any naps.