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Charity Ogbe

Near Moston, Manchester

House・Playroom・Sleeping area・Outdoor space・Multiple activity areas・Meals provided・Easy parking・Near public transport・Dedicated nappy-changing area

spaces available


£65 a day

Icon / Child


Under 1s, 1-2 years, 2-4 years, 5+ years


Open all year

Opening Hours

09:00 to 18:00

About this home

Hello, my name is Charity, I’m a mom raising a beautiful princess. I’ve had years of experience with lots of nieces and nephews and its a joy raising my very own now. My family / friends would say I’m a mother in nature. My home is very welcoming and an environment to support ALL young children to achieve the required learning development. I am very polite, flexible and easy going, and would work hand-in-hand with parents to achieve the shared goal and to teach, care and safeguard your children.

About our tiney childminder

A welcoming home and a YES to all the EYFS requirements. It is safe and promotes confidence, independence, equality and inclusion. Snacks and hygienic home cooked meals are provided with great care for allergies. A good indoor/outdoor space for play that meets the 7 areas of learning development, playground a few blocks away for a wider space to build their fine motor-skills. School drop-offs from 8years old within the local community available including breakfast/ after-school clubs services

Unique highlights


Love key words from any language to support children’s communication and language development.

tiney is an Ofsted Registered Childminder Agency, licensed to train, support and quality assure childminders. Read Ofsted Report

DBS checked and verified

including all household members over 16

Paediatric First Aid trained

in accordance with Ofsted requirements

Annual QA inspection

in accordance with EYFS, Safeguarding & Welfare requirements

Verified in person

By Ofsted registered Childminder Agency, tiney

EYFS practitioner

in the social and educational development of 0-5 year olds

Fully trained by tiney

including Safeguarding, Food Hygiene, FGM and Duty to prevent

GP Health and Local Authority Background Checks

for childminder and each household member at all previous addresses


2 minutes walk to bus station

In this neighbourhood

I live in the middle of Attleboro road, few blocks to a playground where children can experience outdoor play. I have a local library 6 minutes way and parks for different experience. I also have the local sure-start 2 minutes walk for organised play by the council.




What others are saying about this home...


Caring and empathetic. Never rush to judge and takes time to listen before speaking. Easy to talk to and children loves her positive vibes and wants to be like her.


Very easy going and offers the best help or advise. She ensures people around her are safe and secured. She is very charitable and understanding. Very reliable and an amazing mother.


Provides support unconditionally and would never judge. Very private and confidential in nature . She’s a peace maker and polite but firm when needed.


Has an excellent customer service skills . Deals with queries and difficult situations with wisdom and at ease. Respectful but professional . She always give room for explanation and never rush to conclusion.


Good achiever and has good client base experience in dealing with difficult situations . Fab customer service and welcoming. Positive nature and a good mom. Loves to self-improve and easy to learn from anyone.

How tiney compares to other childcare options




Fair Pricing

Clear rates for school and unsociable hours

Funded hours

Access to government funded childcare hours


Fully checked, vetted and inspected at least once a year

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